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Examination dates:

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Examination regulations: 
Here are some important extracts from the study regulation. For detailed information go to §2 (and Appendix Milano §2) in the link above.


The course instructor has to inform you about formalities of general examination structurs and particular assessment criteria at the beginning of every course at the beginning of the semester. Examinations must be scheduled at the end, or with as little delay as possible thereafter, of every course, in which relevant content for the examination was tought.


For lectures attendance is not mandatory. All you have to do to finish the course, is to pass a written or oral exam. Please notice, that exam content may be extended beyond the information presented in the lecture. Any additional literature required for exam preparation is to be announced by the lecturer in a timely manner and reviewed by the students in self-study.

If you fail the course, you may take the exam again two more times in written form. In case, that you fail the third attempt, you have the opportunity to take a board examination.


Seminars (Proseminare) or Tutorials are course with immanent examination character. Attendance is mandatory and you have to attend at least 80% of total course duration to pass the course. Your course performance can be evaluated according to following aspects: active participation, presentations and term papers. The course instructors are free to carry out additional exams.

You are required to submit your written papers (term papers) to the course instructor by the end of the current semester (first deadline) or at the beginning of the following semester at the latest (final deadline). In exceptional cases, the deadline may be extended, but only to the end of the following semester.


The course instructor must grade student papers (i.e., term papers) within four weeks after the stated deadlines.

Integrated courses:

Integrated course are a mixture of lecture and seminar. Attendance is mandatory. To pass the course, you have to write a positive exam and submit a positive term paper (or other parts of the seminar). Both the exam and the tutorial part are being evaluated as described above.