You have a question concerning your grades? 

You didn't receive your grade yet?

If you didn't get your grade yet, please make sure that you handed in all the requirements for passing the course in due time. Only then the lecturers can grade your performance. 

Generally, you will get your grades within two weeks, for exams, or within four weeks, for term papers (pro-seminars) . If you handed in all requirements and waited longer than four weeks (or. two weeks), please get in touch with the respective lecturer.

You are not satisfied with your grade?

We are really sorry if you feel like you haven't been rated adequately. Please get in touch with the respective lecturer to get feedback on your grade.

Concerning tutorials and pro-seminars:

There is no possibility to refuse the grade you received on a term paper, except if the grade is negative. In that case you can resubmit your term paper until the final deadline. Please notice, that negative or not submitted work by the time of the final deadline leads to course failure and the course needs to be done again at its own expense.

The presented informations show only extracts of the exam regulations. For detailed information concerning grading, please go to this link (§2 and Appendix Milano §2)
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