Do you have a question concerning academic issues?

Here are some key points concerning academic issues. Please take into account that these are only extracts. For detailed information, please read the exam regulations.
Absence of class:

If you cannot attend your tutorials, undergraduate seminar or seminars, please get in touch with your respective lecturer. The general regulation of attendance says that you have to attend at least 80% of the total course length. For lectures attendance is not mandatory.


You'll find detailed information concerning attendance in the exam regulations 

Deadlines for term papers:

You are required to submit your term paper to the course instructor by the end of the current semester (first deadline) or at the beginning of the following semester at the latest (final deadline). In exceptional cases, the deadline may be extended, but only to the end of the following semester. Please check the exact deadlines with your lecturer.

Generally, you will get your grades within four weeks.

You'll find detailed information concerning deadlines in the exam regulations 


Your lecturer provides the criteria for grading. You can find general information about grading in the exam regulations (§2 and Appendix Milano §2). If you have any questions regarding specific courses, please refer to the respective lecturer.

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