What should I bring to Vienna?

For lectures at SFU:
  • a fully functioning notebook including a software package

 which makes it possible to work with .doc(x), .pdf, .ppt, .xls(x), 

  • for some courses you might need to prepare additional materials in advance. If so, you will get notified via email in time

  • For some lectures, you might need the statistical program SPSS. If that is the case, please write an e-mail to spss@sfu.ac.at with your name, matriculation number, academic year and request (software and license). You will get access as soon as possible.

  • high-spirits

Important documents:
  • your passport

  • proof of your social insurance (which needs to be valid in Austria, please check before) 

  • copies of your official documents (passport, insurance, credit/debit cards in case any originals get lost during your stay) 

  • your personal belongings